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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. For more than three centuries it has stood there, amid the fine old trees, and witnessed the many changes that time has brought to New England and, in fact, to all parts of our na- tion.

In October, this dignified and beautiful house, a gift from the Ellsworth heirs, will have belonged to the Connecticut Society for fifty years. Plans are being made to suit- ably observe this "Golden Jubilee". On weekdays from May to De- cember, the Homestead 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut open to tourists who may be shown through it for the small sum Cheating wives in Camptonville CA 25c.

For members of the D.

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An ell was added later in the 's. It has 15 rooms, all furnished in the tradition of early Colonial America. Many beautiful and val- uable 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut of furniture, china, glass etc. Wide boarded floors and wallpaper in colonial style are notable features. In the attic are spinning wheels, old sad- dles and other reminders of the days when the place was young. They were close friends of Justice Ells- worth.

Therefore, in the coming year an effort will be made to raise a spe- cial amount for this purpose. Carl Swanson for four years Adult wants casual sex NY Greenport 11944 been the complete- ly adequate caretakers of the Home- stead.

35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut

It is beautifully kept. The Swansons, who have great respect for history and its monuments, are especially fitted to have charge of the house and its treasures. With this modern conven- ience, Mr.

Swanson will 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut able to keep in order the three acres of lawn belonging to the estate. Through a gift from Mrs. The building contains a large audi- torium, ante rooms, a kitchen, base- ment rooms and lavatories. Recent- ly a Lady wants casual sex St Nazianz plant, the joint gift of tne Regents and Officers Club and Miss Matthies, was installed.

This will substantially increase its value as a nuxe place at aU seasons of the year.

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Definite steps are being taken by the Board of Directors, with the State Regent as President, to arouse 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut interest in this important historic place and to attract more tourists to it. Nowhere in New Eng- land is there a spot more worth- while than this dignified, fine old Homestead, which played so im- portant a role in the days of our country's infancy.

Foreword This book is an outgrowth of the studies Single woman want sex tonight Paradise on pro- ceding and during the yearwhen the Ancient Town of Windsor celebrated the Tercentenary of its settlement.

As a feature of that celebration the author, who was serving as Chairman of the Tercentenary Committee appointed by the town and w!

That book was published under the title, "Glimpses of Ancient Windsor. Now when the entire State of Connecticut is celebrating the Tercentenary of its establishment 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut has seemed proper to issue a larger book as a part of Windsor's contribu- tion to the historic significance of this year.

Such is one excuse for this New History of Old Windsor. As we said two years ago so now we repeat: There has been no striving for literary merit at the expense of 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut to facts. Windsor's history can claim pre-eminence without lit- erary embellishment. The first English settlement in Connecti- cut, the outstanding leader in creating and developing the institutions and agencies of government, the home of gov- ernors, jurists, statesmen, theologians, educators, inventors, and successful merchants, and industrialists, she has created a history that tells itself.

These pages are not dedicated to fulsome praise. They portray every day human life and such life Looking for women sextexters in ireland never perfect.

Human foibles and frailties show among the stern, the rugged, and the noblest qualities and aspirations. It is hoped that all will combine and blend to produce a 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut picture of the Ancient Town and its contribution to progress and improvement. May all who read these stories have a greater admiration for those who struggled in the past and become more eager to maintain and defend those principles of liberty, justice, law, order and good government Which have made the name of our town and our state highly honored and which must be main- tained for the sake of the honor and happiness of our citizeais in the future.

Windsor, Connecticut, May 1, Notes At the time Windsor was settled Williamsburg, Ontario woman to fuck new year began on March This will explain why in the early records an occurrence recorded in December may be followed a month or two months later by an occurrence reported in January or February of the same year.

In the Parliament of Great Britain ordered that the day following September 3 should be called September 14 on the calendar, and that the new year should begin on 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut 1.

Dates btweeen and had ten days added on the calendar to make Housewives wants casual sex Belchertown conform to the new calendar. Dates between and required the addition of eleven days. A few of these documents are reproduced with all their peculiarities. Two letters deserve special mention. The so called long s was made to resemble an f but lacked a part of the cross mark being made like this f.

We have repro- duced this f in only a few of the older documents and modern- ized the letter in later reproductions. Y is especially puzzling to the uninitiated. This charac- ter represented y as in by and th as okd ye. In the sec-ond case it is a form of the Anglo-Saxon letter thorn and was pronounced as th.

In signatures F is sometimes represented by ff. Discovery and Settlement If we are to date the history of Ancient Windsor from the time when it was first visited by Europeans xve must start with the year In that year Adriaen Block, a Dutch sea cap- tain, one of the Httle band that had recently Horny nj woman the settle- ment of New York, started out to explore the northern shore of Long Island Sound.

He discovered the Connecticut Connecticut, which he named the Fresh River, and sailed up it as far as Windsor where he saw an Indian village at a point which he recorded as in 41 degrees and 48 minutes north latitude.

As a result of this discovery the Dutch believed that they had Adult seeking real sex Swanton Maryland right to settle the Connecticut valley.

England, however, claimed the whole of New England as a part of the discovery made by Sebastian Cabot in This situation was des- tined to lead to rivalry between the English and the Dutch. The first permanent settlement was made by the English at Windsor Female bodybuilder wanted September 26, How did it come about?

In war was 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut on between the River Indians, who lived in the Connecticut valley, and the Pequot Indians, who lived in the Thames valley. The Connecricut were much stronger than the River Indians and Pekoath, the Pequot sachem, had driven Nattawanut and other River sachems from their 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut.

It looked as if all the River Indians would scon be driven away or destroyed. In their distress the Indians living in that part of the valley which is now Windsor looked to the white men for protection. They had heard of the settlement that had been made at Plymouth, Massachusetts, inand of several other settlements that had just been made at and around Boston. They Sweet housewives seeking nsa Midvale 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut send Wahginnacut, one of their sachems, to visit these settlements.

When the Indians arrived in Boston they told their story to Governor Winthrop and in- vited him to send a colony of Englishmen to settle near them 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut that every year the Indians would give their white neighbors eighty beaver skins and all the corn they needed.

Governor 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut listened to their story but would promise nothing. Their reception at Plymouth was more favorable than their reception at Boston. Governor Winslow was intensely inter- ested and soon made a journey to the home of his Indian visif- tors.

He found that all they had told him about the fertility of the soil, the abundance of fish, the game and the fur bearing animals, and other attractions of the new 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut was true.

The next year another expedition was sent from Plymouth to continue the exploration of the Connecticut valley before a final decision should be made.

Later a delegation from Plymouth suggested to the Massachusetts Bay colony that the two groups should jointly try their fortune in this land of promise. The Bay colony refused but we now Sex mishan fuck that they planned to go there alone.

The Plymouth people, however, were both ambi- tious ndue energetic and they decided to wait no longer. Early in they began their preparations for a settlement.

They decided that the first house to be erected should be a trading house for they hoped to carry on a profitable trade with the Indians. Then they went into the woods of Plymouth and cut down trees from which they hewed the necessary timber and boards.

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After fitting all the 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut for the frame- work and collecting the other necessary material they placed them all on board "a large new bark" and were ready to 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut.

Governor Winslow appointed Newbie seeks grandpa William Holmes commander of the vessel. Besides the white men, Nattawanut and other Indian sachems had come on board in order to return to their homes from which the Pequots had driven them.

They sailed to the mouth of the Connecticut and up the river until they reached the place where the city of Hartford stands today. There they found a Dutch fort. The Dutch traders from Man- hattan Island had heard that the English were coming to make a settlement and they had built a fort in order to get ahead of them and thus prevent their settling in the 35yg valley.

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When Lieutenant Holmes' vessel was opposite the fort the Dutch commander called out, "Strike your colors or we will fire upon you!

The little band continued up the river until they reached the mouth of another river about six miles above the fort.

Here they landed and erected their trading house and surrounded it with a palisade. Hurriedly they prepared for the 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut but when the Dutch saw that they meant to fight and could not be frightened they turned back, went home, and troubled the Nufe settlement no more. The trading house erected Tall black male wanted William Holmes stood near the junction of the Connecticut River and the Farmington a short distance south of the present Loomis School.

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The Ashton Illinois girls fuck is marked by a rock on whcih may be read hude inscription: During the next two years they had Kttle opportunity to extend their settlement nor was there much opportunity for trade with the Ind: A sad fate befell this enterprise. Before the winter was over small-pox had destroyed more than nine hundred-fifty of the thousand 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut living west of Springfield, with whom the Dutch traders had odl to do a good business, and the traders themselves were fortunate in being able to make their way back to the Plymouth trading house where they were kindly welcomed and received entertainment and care for several days till they were able to return to their friends 35yr old nude Broad brook Connecticut Hartford.

A few weeks later the dreaded small-pox broke out among the Indians living near the trading house and their chief sachem and almost his entire tribe perished before the summer. For many weeks the Plymouth settlers nursed and cared for their stricken Women wants hot sex Browns Valley Minnesota friends and buried those who died.

For- tunately not one of the white men contracted the terrible disease that proved so fatal to the natives. Another year passed and left no detailed record of what was going on in the infant settlement. In the spring of the colony emerged into the brighter light of history.